Welcome to mDSS website and Download of stand alone mDSS5

The mDSS software is a generic Decision Support System (DSS) developed to assist decision makers in the management of environmental problems. It can help users to:

  • -better understand or explain to the involved actors (disciplinary experts, policy/decision makers, other stakeholders) the problem at hand,
  • -explore possible decision options, also within the contexts of alternative scenarios,
  • -facilitate public participation,
  • -smoothen the conflicts related to alternative courses of action,
  • -extend collaboration with and within different stakeholder groups.

The mDSS software is one of the tools for the implementation of the NetSyMoD methodological framework for Social Network Analysis, Creative System Modelling and Decision support approach. NetSyMoD is the result of the developments of a series of research projects coordinated by Carlo Giupponi, in collaboration with various institutions: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change (CMCC), and the Universities of Milano “Statale” and Venezia “Ca' Foscari”. In particular, mDSS was originally developed in the context of the project MULINO (MULti-sectoral, INtegrated and Operational Decision Support System for Sustainable Use of Water Resources at the Catchment Scale) and further developed and applied with a contribution of several other projects, including DSS-GUIDE, TRANSCAT, NOSTRUM-DSS, NEWATER, BRAHMATWINN and CLIMALPTOUR

mDSS installation file (v5.12)

  • System requirements:
    • - Operation system Windows Vista, XP, Me, 2000, or 7(32).
    • - Operation system Windows 7(64) please read carefully this instruction.
    • - The .NET framework 2.0 correctly installed in the PC before installation;
    • - At least 20 MB free disk space;
    • - At least 128 MB operational memory (RAM).
  • PLEASE note: In some cases we observed an installation error about a .ocx file that fails to register. In those cases we solved the problem by installing the MapWindow software ( http://www.mapwindow.org/ ) before installin mDSS 5.12
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (x86) [22,400 Kb]
This runtime library is required to run mDSS (v5.12)

Download mDSS software

mDSS user guide

pdf file mDSS5 user guide [3,756 Kb]: pdf version of the guide available on mDSS help file.

mDSS decision methods

pdf file mDSS decision methods (Sept 2010) [312 Kb]: background document with description of algorithms.