Methodological Framework / Actions and Monitoring

What? [Description of step]

In this phase the decision taken is implemented and its effects are monitored. This includes the progressive examination of the initial assumptions about how the future may unfold, as well as the revision of the choices made upon those assumptions, possibly requiring subsequent cycles of adaptive management.

How? [Key methodological considerations and outputs]

The techniques for monitoring the effects and effectiveness of the selected option(s) put in practice through a certain course of action are evidently case specific and are neither systematically treated by NetSyMoD, nor provided by the mDSS software.
Relevant for the methodological framework are the actions taken for documenting the effects of the implemented option(s). Such documentations is useful for informing further iterations of the decision making/planning cycle for adapting to the new evidences acquired.
An a posteriori documentation of the decision taken (the choice adopted) in order to provide evidences and new knowledge for future cases is the main outcome of this phase.